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     Need an energy boost? I have found that when you are out of alignment life sorta feels like a crimped water hose. You've turned on the water, but nothing seems to be flowing. You know there could be more ease and flow, you're just not sure how because you just feel... drained.

     When things aren't flowing in our lives or in our business, it's my experience that there's something that's crimped in the line. When we straighten out the kinks, get back into alignment, we open up to Universal flow. That's where the real magic happens.

     Alignment sessions with me are focused on finding your flow, figuring out what's kinked, and how you can take aligned action from a place of intuition and intention to open up access to ease and flow ... and maybe even a little magic.

In our sessions we'll cover ...

  • What alignment looks like for you
  • Crafting your an alignment practice
  • Taking aligned action in your business
  • Connecting with aligned clients

Sessions are 60 minutes   |   via Zoom (video)   |    Recorded for Your Review

     If your intuition has lead you here and you feel called to work with me, just fill out the information below to connect with me and set up your session. We'll begin with a discovery call unlike anything that you've ever experienced. 

Introductory Session     |     $ 0      [ with application ] 

Single Alignment Session    |    $ 150        

Four Alignment Sessions     |    $ 500


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