Hi, I'm Laura... creative human, coach, and now... podcast host. I am here to help you gain confidence and purpose in your life and business.



I help women build lives and businesses full of purpose and meaning with confidence by helping them follow their own inner wisdom.

Trust in yourself helps you get further, faster, and with greater ease.


In the beginning...

I began by helping soul-aligned businesses get their messages out into the world by creating websites, images, graphics, and messaging that helped them connect with who they serve (their ideal clients)... but then I discovered a real problem...


So many women have amazing gifts and talents but they were trying to get a business that looked like everyone else! They were listening to gurus and online experts that told them that there was a silver bullet that everyone needs to do... just to sell them something.  And they would come to me to try to implement this latest tactic or strategy.  


They were not listening to the little voice inside that was telling them that this is NOT the road for them! They were trying to parrot someone else's words, message, voice, methods and leaving out their own magic! 


And so I started doing more work at the beginning of the design work to really help them find out how to listen to their inner guidance so that they could be who they were meant to be and stop feeling confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, and insecure. And the shifts that I see are amazing! 


If you want help with gaining clarity around your message and offerings, what social media channels are right for you, how to set up your business in a way works for YOUR life... I can help you with that. 





What lights your soul on fire?


“A Milagro is sacred object that carries the intention or prayer of the holder. When the prayer is answered the Milagro serves as a reminder to be grateful to the Saints for the wish fulfilled.”

The symbol of the sacred heart was a perfect match for this project because it has always held deep meaning for me. The metaphorical fire symbolized the burning away of all the things that pile on top of us in life, weighing us down, keeping us from knowing our deepest Selves. We are sacred. We are strong. We are MIRACLES. It became The Milagro Life symbol.

The Milagro Life began as a sacred space for writing, creativity, and a reminder that all of life is a miracle and that it's available at all times. It has grown into a space to house life's bigger questions against the backdrop of business.

As business owners our business is a huge part of our life. 

And with alignment coaching sessions I get the joy of to help guide you into yourself and your inner knowing that can change the way you live your life and run your business.

We all have a moment when we realize that the Universe isn't "out there" it's right here with us. The Milagro Life was born out of a deep yearning to create the space to go within. Filled with deeply personal essays and book notes, TML is that quiet space.  (Ahem, a little less quiet nowadays... you know, since I started a podcast and all.) 

Insight and peace are here for you. Take a little with you back to where you are. There is an inexhaustible, Universal supply. 

Thank you so much for being here. All timing is perfect timing! 


Curious what all this talk of intuition and alignment is all about? Apply for an alignment hour to dive deeper into your own inner source of wisdom that brings confidence and ease to your life and business. 


A place for miracles.