Making Room (for miracles)

 Make room for miracles in your schedule. Plan for them. And note them when they happen. You just might be shocked at what happens in your life when you're looking for the miracle. 


I love Sunday afternoons for planning my week. I wrote down my goals and intentions, block out appointments. And write out my core desired feelings... anchor words that remind me of how I want to feel throughout my week so that I can align to those feelings in all that I do.

I believe that arrive at a happy destination only from a happy journey. If you're unhappy all day everyday I don't believe that you ever arrive at a happy destination.

But I also leave a little space for magic to happen. Breathing room. For me that shows up by literally planning for breathing room in the form of meditation. But it could mean whatever is meaningful and helpful to you - time for a walk, bath, workout, or whatever.


I heard it said once that the 80/20 rule can be applied to anything... they were talking about closet cleaning and said "if you leave 20% open space, it's like the Universe knows that you're open to something amazing to come into your life." I love this idea applied to my time. Can I leave some open, breathing space to allow for miracles to come in? New opportunities?

Example: Leave time to go to a different coffee shop and meet an amazing new connection "accidentally" instead of only enough time to go through the nearest caffeine drive-thru? Where's the magic in that?!

I know, I know, you look at your schedule and think ... "There's just no way to get it all done! Sounds nice for you! I could never!"  But I'd venture a guess that it might be more accessible to you than you might think. Find a few extra (non-negotiable) minutes to block off in your schedule. Show the Universe that you're serious.

And my favorite part is making note when something totally syncronistic happens! I love looking back in my day planner to see all the little miracles that popped up when I wasn't expecting them. It gives me faith and confidence that they DO HAPPEN! I highlight them and refer back to them regularly to really ingrains it into my brain and my being that my life IS FULL of goodness and delight on the regular. And I find the process of writing them down to be joyful. Instead of complaining and venting a bunch of negativity into my planner or journal, I make a conscious choice to include and focus on the good things too, no matter how small. It makes SUCH a big difference in how I recall my days. 


Let me know what happens in the comments! What tiny (or big) miracles show up for you because you've left space for them? Have you done this in the past? I'd love to hear all about it!!

Laura Olsen