On The Shortness of Life

We must indulge the mind and from time to time allow it the leisure which is it’s food and strength. We must go for walks out of doors, so the mind can be strengthened and invigorated by a clear sky and plenty of fresh air. At times it will acquire fresh energy from a journey by carriage and a change of scene or from socializing and drinking freely. Occasionally we should even come to the point of intoxication sinking into drink but not being totally flooded by it; for it does wash away cares, and stirs the mind to it’s depths, and heals sorrow just as it heals certain diseases. Liber was not named because he loosens the tongue, but because he liberates the mind from it’s slavery to cares, emancipates it, invigorates it, and emboldens it for all it’s undertakings.
— Seneca
Laura Olsen