A Manifesto



More anticipation, less anxiety 

More juicy conversations
More deep questions for me and others
Less self-doubt, more self-acceptance

More social involvement, less self-involvement
Smile at strangers, giggle alone. A lot 

Save more dollars. And more trees

Desire more. Desire bigger. Desire braver
Consistent action towards desire
Leave fear at home. Bring along courage and compassion instead

More miles with shoe leather and bike tires than in cars
More planes and trains
Adventure. Climbing.

Embrace the wild... within and without  

Fresh Air
And all three together whenever possible


Less gluten, more greens
More water, less wine
Shop small, local, organic

Own my faults, don’t hide from them
Confess more
Strive to have less to confess


More books and podcasts than binge-watching
More indie, less pop

Saturate in gratitude
Shower love

Hear more: Quiet. Intent. Real. Listen. Be patient. 
Weather the storms with a little more grace
Dry more tears than I cry

Embrace the seasons and cycle of life
Plan in flow. Find the rhythm

Forgive, forgive, forgive... myself and others for our failures and misdeeds
Be vulnerable. No really, be vulnerable. I’m serious. Vulnerability won’t kill you. 

Write, Write, Write... share
In that proportion

Move on. 


Laura Olsen