$84,600 Thought

I was standing in the store looking at all of the options...

This one is $2 more, but is it worth it? Really? Will I notice a difference? I think I like the color a little more, but they are so close... are the sizes the same? I sighed.  Sheesh! It's EYE LINER Laura, eye liner. Pick one and get a move on. You have things to do! I thought to myself.

I actually thought about that later this evening... why was the eye liner dilemma so stressful for me. I was hedging about what amounted to a $2 difference. On a daily basis I try to live from an abundant mindset; being grateful for what I have and thanking the Universe for providing for me, often just in the nick of time. I could fill pages and pages with stories of just-in-time assignments and income that couldn't be attributed to anything but an abundant Universe caring for me. Being a freelancer I find that all too often I live on the edge of comfort. It's not for the faint of heart or the skeptic.

So it is with this mindset that I came across this gem of a video recently on Facebook about a guy who thinks of the seconds in a day like dollars...

“Why waste time? It doesn’t carry over to the next day. It doesn’t earn interest. Take every day and every moment, and make something of it. Make something positive.” – Elvis de Leon

What if we thought of our time like dollars? Cash in our pocket? The cliche is that "time is money" but how would our lives be different if we actually lived that way?

I would be more confident in my decisions for one. I don't think that I would allow the small things to trip me up as often. I would decide and move on... time is money after all. And I would pay more attention (another ironic cliche that feels more like a metaphor in this context) to the things that really make a difference in my life and the lives of those closest to me.

Today's Milagro: The Clock

How are you spending your time? What would you 'pay more (or less) attention to' if your minutes were tangible things like dollars? 


Laura Olsen